Critical Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Before 7 AM !

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Top Morning Rituals that Super Successful People  Execute before going to Office : 

Morning rituals

Success is one of the most loved and desired terms in the world. All of us want to be successful but only a few of them are able to attain it.

The reason behind is that those who have attained success know the real meaning of time management. Most of the successful people perform their significant tasks during the initial hours of the day.

Even this philosophy is well supported by science as well, as experts suggest that determination is a kind of muscle and it gradually tire down as the evening approaches.

According to a survey conducted by Vanderam, approximately 90% of the top bosses starts their day before 7 AM during weekdays.

Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo starts his day at 4 AM, whereas Bob Iger of Disney wakes up at 4:30 AM.

Similarly, the CEO of Square Jack Dorsey wakes up at 5:30 and get ready to jog.

Significance of early morning schedule in your success saga:



If you start waking up early in the morning, this habit will play crucial role in making you successful in life.

1) The first and foremost reason to start your day early is that your will power and mind is strongest and most powerful in the morning. If you overuse then it will get tired. So, the ideal time to get the best result is early in the morning.

 2) Most of the successful people, try to accomplish challenging tasks during the earlier part of the day, as during that time mind works fast and understand things in a better manner.

As our elders always say that to set the right note, it is best to start with a good tone.

If you rise early and spend some significant time with yourself by doing some interesting activities like reading, journaling, gratitude practice, physical exercise then you will simply great and productive for the rest of the day.

Thus, it would be immensely beneficial to generate positive energy and form a good aura around you.

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In the morning, you will be able to concentrate more and would have fewer deviations. The morning time is in itself quite soothing and calm which makes it ideal to fulfil the assignments which are at topmost priority.

When you arrive at your desk, it is quite natural to get diverted on various direction and this will make you perform that important task in an average way.

Hence, Most successful people advocate to wake up early in the morning and plan your day. This time is ideal for 

Setting objectives, Scheduling your days and Solving some major issues.

All these factors contribute to greater yields and attainment of your dreams.

As the popular saying goes, Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man, Healthy Wealthy and Wise. It is completely true and we need to follow it religiously.



Morning Rituals – First Thing to do in Morning !

If you are rising up early then you would be able to make a fresh start, with refreshing will power and positive attitude. Moreover, you would be able to face any kind of challenging task.

Most of the successful people day begins at 4:30 or 5 a.m. followed by exercise, checking emails and spending quality time with their dear ones.


Before Coming Out of Bed, you need to do a few simple things like:

  1)  Do some stretching exercises on bed as they will give your body a good and smooth movement before starting your hectic schedule.


  2)  Connection with one inner self is another important part of your daily routine. All you need to do is to tap on the mid of your forehead and repeat your favourite affirmation for 11 times. 



Morning Affirmation


   3) Listening to some motivational music or reading some inspiring books is a great way to kick start your day.


   4) It would be advisable to visualise the day and plan all your schedule smartly.


  • Meditation for 20 minutes – Find good Guided meditation in You tube

Nowadays, most of the successful people are practicing meditation. One who does meditation has a greater power to fight off stress as well as increases productivity and focus.

It also increases your emotional as well as intelligence level. Your creativity side will be opened for all. Moreover, it enables you to overcome any kind of pressure or challenges.

Under any kind of circumstances, you can manage your stability and would be able to resolve your issues without losing your mental balance.

Now you need to follow these simple steps after coming out of Bed – 

  • Hot Water – Lemon Juice

Start your day with a glass of lemon water as it will recharge your energy levels. Your physical as well as emotional level will start working effectively. This will enhance the absorption of nutrients in your body which generates a natural energy in your body. For complete absorption of the lemon juice, it would be advisable to take it empty stomach. Lemons are rich source of nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • Exercise

Most of the successful entrepreneurs or even small time business owners start their day bit early and follow a healthy regime by doing some physical exercise. 

Physical exercise is the next best to do in the morning. Interestingly, morning starts before 6 a.m. for some of the well known names like Richard Branson, Tim Cook or Bog Iger.

According to a research conducted by Eastern Ontario Research Institute, it has been observed that people who do exercise at least twice a week are socially competent. They perform great academically as well as athletically.

Similarly, a study conducted by the University of Bristol states that regular exercise generates more energy and makes our attitude towards life positive.

If you move your body for a minimum of 10 minutes then it will start releasing GABA, which is actually a neurotransmitter. This leads to soothing of brain as well as controlling of impulses.

With early morning exercise, you will find considerable improvement in your self control as well as energy levels.

  • Relax

The next best thing to do is to relax. It would be advisable to avoid checking mails, facebook or surfing internet as this will make your lose your focus.

Make yourself disconnected from the whole world and spend quality time with your family.

When we spend time with our loved ones, we feel relax and composed. During these precious moments, you need to stay positive and calm.

  • Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it should be healthy. It is a medically proven fact that people who eat their breakfast are less probe to weight gain.

Other major highlights of having breakfast includes stable blood sugar levels and less hunger pangs as compare to those who skip breakfast.

Eating a healthy breakfast certainly opens many doors of opportunities, as you are preparing yourself for a productive as well as great day ahead.

You will be full of positive energy to work and think along with enhancement in short-term memory. Moreover, you would be able to concentrate as well as perform your tasks appropriately.

  • To Do List

According to studies, Benjamin Franklin always planned his days. He used to wake up at 4:00 a.m. and follow his schedule religiously.

A careful scheduling of your day certainly drives you closer to your objective. It would be advisable to follow realistic goals, as unrealistic goals are useless.

You must start your day with the most challenging task first. After its completion, you will feel like a winner and this feeling influences you to do rest of the tasks effectively.

Say No No to  …..

A few major things that need to be considered includes no to emails or any of your social media account. In case, you get some mails which might take all your attention and you immediately jump over it, then your whole day will get a bad start.

Focus only on Priority …

Once you are at your workstation, just concentrate for a while and ask yourself what is today’s priority? Check out the important agendas which need your instant attention.

For most of us checking email or listening voice mail is by default. However, this kind of start is undoubtedly one of the worst ways to kick start your day. It is very important to check your habits and change it accordingly.

All of us want to make name in this big world but only a few amongst us are able to do that, as they have understand the hidden fact. 

Time is a very precious object in this world and we need to understand its real importance. When we are in office, most of our time is consumed in phone calls, meetings or fulfilling the deadlines. During morning hours only, we have the time to do some of the most important tasks.

Conclusion :


Successful Entrepreneurs do this … to grow Business!


A successful Entrepreneurs starts his day with a clear and fresh mind as he is determined to make his company attain great heights along with the growth and development of his employees.


 🙂 He rises up with the thought of making his customers fully satisfied and happy. In order to accomplish all his objectives of making customers as well as employees satisfied and happy, he needs effective time management, huge concentration and rock solid determination. To fulfil this, it is necessary for him to leave bed early and starts his day on a positive note.

If you really want to make something big in this huge world, you need to cleanse your mind from all irrelevant and negative thoughts.

You need to focus on your daily goal and have to work for that without any diversions and distractions. A healthy morning start surely energizes your mind, body and soul.

For all those who really want to do something with their lives, this is the best thing they can do with them.

Try to follow these steps and make it as your habit. When your desire gets transformed into ritual, this will be a great accomplishment.

It is certainly not easy to transform your desire into a daily routine, as you need a huge amount of willpower and determination.

Make your routine by starting it slowly. It would be advisable to go to bed early and start your days fifteen minutes earlier than the assigned time.

You need to check your energy level, as building a new habit certainly demands a lot of effort and determination.

Start your day with simple exercise followed by a healthy breakfast. It is always beneficial to be surrounded with positive and supportive people.

They act as a catalyst to make you accomplish your goals and dreams. So, get set for a beautiful as well as successful life by following these effective and life changing tips.




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