Digital Marketing : How To Attract More Visitors to Your Website?


Digital Marketing : How To Attract More Visitors to Your Website?

Digital Marketing : How To Attract More Visitors to Your Website?

Digital Marketing : How To Attract More Visitors to Your Website?

Wondering is your website good enough to generate enough visitors? No, it’s not because no website can be perfect, there is always a scope for improvement. As there is no such website which can fulfil 100% goals of its owner by getting their visitors take the actions they want them to.

So, if there is scope of improvement? Then how you can improve your website to get more visitors to click, buy or promote on your site. Thus, we will help you to figure out the answer to this question in this article.

What is the Goal of Your Website?

First, analyse the goals of your website. 

Three main goals of a website ……….

* First is to generate online sales

* Second is to get prospects to complete your website form 

* Third main goal is to encourage the visitors of your website to get in touch with you by calling you or you just want to get visitors to click to promote your site on social media.

So, once you understand your goals, you can get work towards achieving it by working backwards.

Deciding How to Achieve Your Goal …

Next step is to find out the path through which your visitors should drive to achieve your goal.

For instance – you are a seller selling your products over your website, and then the desired path for your visitors will be to visit your homepage, click on your product sales page to learn more about your products, and then click on the order button to complete your order form driving to your thank you page.

Thus, this path to get visitors achieve your goal is known as conversion funnel, and if you want to achieve success through this way, then you need to optimize every piece of the funnel.

digital marketing

So, analyze your website conversion rate to attain more sales and revenue for your business.

Looking for a way to improve your conversion rate? You can do that by improving each page in your conversion funnel. 

And, once you get a chance to enhance the conversion rate of each page in your conversion funnel, then this can greatly boosts your overall conversion rate. But, most of the business owners and entrepreneurs get unsuccessful

But, most of the business owners and entrepreneurs get unsuccessful to measure their website’s accurate conversion rates, as they inevitably only look at their overall conversion rate. Rather they forget that the key to

Rather they forget that the key to success of their website is to assess the conversion rates of each page in the funnel, as only by improving theses pages they can see an exponential increase in their overall website conversion rate.

Now, after knowing that how important is your website each page conversion rate, it’s even more important to know how to increase it.

There are various actionable tips or strategies for getting traffic to your website. So, follow the following ideas to achieve high conversion rate:

How to Achieve High Conversion Rate

1) Focus on long-tail variations to your pages, as the scenario has changed now and optimising your all pages with long tail keywords, are likely to increase your website traffic by 80-90%.

2) Always leverage your internal links to boost your website pages conversion rate.

3) Work out on your headlines especially when you share your blogs posts via social media.

4) Try to start a forum on your website, which helps in building a community and increase your website time on-site, thereby helping your website in search rankings.

5) Increase traffic to your website by using your blogs in the right way. Promote them in your emails, social media or you can even join a blogging community or use guest posts on relevant blogs to increase your website overall traffic.

6)Make your website stand out and increase the number of people who click on your website page by up to 30% by using rich snippets. They are just search listings that can include information regarding product’s availability, review count and price, etc.

7)Try to focus more on your content strategies, as in today’s time having the website pages with relevant, SEO-focused, and interesting content can be a game changer in terms of your conversion rate.

However, it could take a lot of time to see the results, but be patient and keep

working. Follow these easy tips to get more clicks or buy on your website. Even changing the choice of text, its size, font, layout, background colour and adding new images to your pages can even help in getting high conversion rate.

Along, with these tips, it’s also important to track the conversion rate of each page of your website on regular basis – daily and monthly. 

By observing the conversion rate of pages on daily basis helps to see the actual fluctuations in the clicks that your website gets, and if you see a drop, you can easily figure out the reason, which can be an image or video not loading or something small. 

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And by working on that you can improve your overall conversion rate. Even make sure to track the progress of your pages on monthly basis, see which pages are performing better and worse, and what needs to be change to improve the effectiveness of the less performing pages.

Therefore, if you want to get more visitors to click, buy or promote on your site, then the golden rule is to optimize all the pages of your website as per the current scenario of digital marketing world.

Use long-tail keywords, inbound links; compelling Meta titles and descriptions, rich snippets, SEO optimised content, more content on each page that’s relevant and interesting for your visitors and that clearly defines your goal and a clear call to action.

You can even change the background and layout as per the needs and interests of your audience. Know your target market and use that knowledge as a strategy to improve your website and its conversion rate.

So, don’t forget the crux of this article, focus more on your website individual pages as it’s only these pages in your website’s conversion funnel that determine whether your website performs well or not.

Thus, by monitoring and improving these pages you will see a considerable change in your website visitor’s conversion rate into leads and clients, thereby gaining competitive advantage for your business.

If you are looking for any advice or Suggestion on How optimize your website and increase conversion rate then you may CALL US or Contact our Support.

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