How to Build Confidence – 7 Ways To Be a More Confident Person !

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How to Build Confidence – 7 Ways To Be a More Confident Person ! 

“With the realisation of one’s own potential & self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~Dalai Lama

how to build confidence

What Matter Most is How You See Yourself.  These famous words radiate a major reality of all our lives, i.e.  living a life worthy of our time, which gives us happiness and peace, and all this is usually not possible when we lack a key ingredient that sums up our personalities, i.e. self-confidence.

If you are looking to find How to build confidence than the most quintessential question to find out how self-confident you feel, is to ask yourself some basic questions. 

How to Build Confidence – From Start to End .

How confident and comfortable do you feel about things in general and about yourself when you are with a) your family and friends, b) your colleagues, c) your partner, and most importantly d) with people you haven’t met before?

  1. A self-confident person is able to maintain calmness and composure in every situation, and is sure about his capability and capacity to stay positive.

However we are surrounded by all types of people, some are shy and reserved, while are others are fairly outspoken. 

self esteemRegardless of how confident we might feel about ourselves, there are times when life hits rock bottom and all of us get inflicted with a bout of being under confident and less positive in life. That doesn’t mean that we cannot combat that issue. Here are seven key ingredients that can help anyone brighten up their dull day due to lack of confidence in their lives:

That doesn’t mean that we cannot combat that issue. Here are seven key ingredients that can help anyone brighten up their dull day due to lack of confidence in their lives:

Accepting the reality- The foremost step we need to take for becoming a more positive person, is to actually ‘accept’ everything about ourselves and the surroundings which we think might need changing.

Check What  Successful People Do in Morning to Get Confident.

Accepting that we need to address an issue and embracing our reality is our first step to clean our minds. Living in denial never helps us. Rome was not built in a day and similarly our problems and complexities in life that boggle us down will also not vanish in a day. 

The idea is not to never fall, but the idea is to fall seven times and then rise eight times! Confidence doesn’t comes when you have all the answers, but it comes when you face all the problems.

2)  Think positively- Our brain is the powerhouse of the body so it is essential that before we change anything else, we need to start thinking positively, because our perception of ourselves eventually becomes our reality. If we feel confident, we tend to do things more positively. 

If you think negative about yourself, you start a perennial cycle of perceiving everything like that which breaks our confidence level even further. Our attitude towards life is like a box of crayons.

If we only use the shades of black and grey to paint our thoughts, then the picture will always be dull. We need to add colours to our thought and life by including humour and a positive outlook.

Work towards changing your environment- It is a pre requisite in life that we ought to surround ourselves with ‘positive ‘ people, the ones who motivate us to be a better person in a positive way, the ones who help us be more happy and content in life and never pull us down to feel good about themselves. 


The moment we realise that our surrounding environment is radiating more negativity and causing our breakdown, we must absolutely work towards changing our surroundings. 

We need to accept the criticism that comes our way but not let it affect our mental health. That includes embracing a healthy lifestyle and ditching unhealthy ways that clog our energy levels, making us feel lower, and obviously being with people who make us happy. 

Quoting the wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt;“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So don’t let anyone dim your light.

3) Indulge in a self-talk – Very Important Step …

No amount of counselling or medication can cure a negative person if the person in question does not like what they see in the mirror. 

It’s all in the mind. But that doesn’t mean that including some new changes in our appearance will harm us, actually it’s a great confident booster sometimes to experiment with our looks.

We should dress sharply and comfortable without blindly following trends, and try out things which we like instead of what others make us believe that we should do. It is a great way to feel more positive in life, if every day we give ourselves a little pep talk and realise that the brilliance lies inside us.

Often times, we end up being our own critiques and become too harsh on ourselves. We sulk over our looks, our clothes etc., but we need to realise that confidence has nothing to do with what you look like.

It’s all in the mind. But that doesn’t mean that including some new changes in our appearance will harm us, actually it’s a great confident booster sometimes to experiment with our looks.


4) Practice things that you are good at –

In order to feel more confident in life, we need to do things which we are usually good at. It could be as mundane as setting up the dinner table or as complicated as solving a maths equation in a minute’s time. The truth is that we all are good at something.  

Practising what we are good at gives us a feeling of accomplishment and pride, which is the root for feeling more positive in life. We often like self-confidence to the possession knowledge and excellent competency skills.

Many people lack confidence because they feel they don’t have enough knowledge to be a part of a certain ‘group’ or a ‘class’ of people around them. Competency can always be developed via proper preparation and practice. Polishing our existing skills and learning new things to enhance our career, or personal life is never a bad idea.

5) Talk about your insecurities- Usually we drain our hearts in negativity thinking about our ‘image’ in the eyes of the other people. We will realise that the more open we become of talking about things that depress us or bother us, the less people will tend to judge us for we are.

We attract the energy we give out to the world so it’s important that we radiate positivity in order to attract it . In today’s material world, most people’s confidence takes a toll when they feel they don’t have enough status symbols to be a part of the society that they live in.


It’s always a great idea to work hard and earn well but earning just to fulfil our materialistic desires is eventually only going to burn ourselves. There is more to life than a big house and a luxury car, so we should stop being insecure about them.

Be more grateful and honest- everyone is blessed to have something which so many people in the world don’t have. Counting our blessings and being thankful for all the beautiful experiences and people that life has gifted us helps us in becoming a more positive person in life. 

If you have a house to sleep in, a loving family and a genuine set of friends who care for you, then you are blessed with more than most people in this world. So many people take these little joys of life for granted and end up chasing shallow desires which give temporary happiness.


So we need to be more thankful for what we have than sulk for what we don’t have. Like the saying goes, ‘smile, and the world smiles with you’, life also sails on the path that we pave for it.

self confidence1


It is obviously easier said than done, but we need to understand that without challenging our limits and ourselves, we cannot design a life that will be worth living. 

Confidence is an essential pre requisite to live a sane life and compromising on that aspect is not a very feasible idea.

Recognising our strengths and weaknesses and facing our problems with confidence instead of living a life of denial will definitely lead to success in achieving that lost confidence and will give a major boost to our self-esteem.

So why wait for anyone to highlight that for us when we all have the power within to do it ourselves. We are the architect of our own life after all. We all know that ‘confidence is silent, but insecurities are loud’.

So always act like you are wearing and invisible crown and rule the world with your radiating positivity and a new found confidence to embrace this journey called life!

Hope Now you got a good idea on How to Build Confidence.

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