The Ultimate Guide on How To Start Selling On Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and e-commerce stores.


What You Should Know About How To Start Sell on Flipkart, Sell on Snapdeal , Selling on Amazon India and other e-commerce Store ?

E-commerce has made its grand re-entry in India with a bang and undoubtedly ruling the roost. Online shopping has been whole heartedly accepted by both the buyers and sellers, as preferred from small to medium retailers.

According to the stats, thousands of Crore have been generated by some of the largest online retailers of

India during the last festive season. Flipkart, one of the popular online retailers disclosed that almost 2, 000 Crore of goods have been sold in the last five days of discount offered.

  online shopping in India

When did The Concept Of Online Shopping Has Come Into Existence (And What You Can know About It) :

The concept of online shopping has come into existence in the year 1991. At that time, no one would have even imagined about the success of this concept.

The first rendezvous of India with E-commerce was made possible by the Indian Government by IRCTC, online Passenger Reservation System. One can book railway tickets from anywhere and

any time. It was a great relief for common man, as no queues, no waiting. This great effort of India Government was heartily greeted by Indian and following its

foot steps, airline agency also adopted the concept of web booking. This leads to saving huge commissions of agents. Nowadays, the e-booking concept is prevalent all across the country in the form of hotel booking, bus booking etc.

The astounding success as well as acceptance of e-commerce in India

led to the foundation of E-business. Although, online shopping has been started way back in 2000, but with superb discount offers, Flipkart gained immense popularity amongst the online shoppers. This leads to various other online shopping portals like Amazon, Jabong, Snapdeal and many more.

Present Condition : Where are we now ? 

In India, online shopping has become extremely popular as well as the most preferred shopping method. One of the major reasons for its whopping success is the busy lifestyle of people, as they are left with very little time for shopping and all. Another significant factor which made online shopping hugely popular is due to its

user friendly

interface, varied online stores with numerous options, trendy and fashionable clothing and varied payment techniques. Buyers find these online shopping portals a delight to purchase products, as they can check the quality, decide quantity and can select their product accordingly within the comforts of their home.

Indian online market has certainly gained prominence with

addition of more and more buyers as well as sellers. Some of the key factors that have major influence behind the growth of E-commerce

are increase

in internet services, lifestyle, busy schedule, immensely interactive online shopping portals flooded with exciting offers and discounts. The lead generation tools for these online portals are Social Media, Mobile commerce and price comparing sites.

There is consistent increment in the number of retailers who are connecting with renowned online portals like Amazon and Flipkart. These online shopping portals connect the local vendors to the whole world. This leads to considerable increase in the number of consumers. According to recent survey by Google India, year 2014 marks almost 35 million online shoppers and by 2016

it will cross the mark of 100 million. The major cause behind earning trust and reputation amidst the shoppers is that these online shopping portals offer flexibility along with convenience while delivering their products and services.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Let’s Start Selling On Amazon, Flipkart And Snapdeal e-commerce Store Like A Boss.

Looking to Sell on Flipkart or sell on Snapdeal and want to know how to sell on Flipkart or  how to sell on Snapdeal, check this post for complete Flipkart registration, and Snapdeal seller Process.

flipkart registration

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur then you need to start with e-commerce. Be the part of this current marketing concept by start selling your products on some of the major online shopping portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon. Here are some simple steps to follow and your products will be enlisted in these top most online shopping sites.

  • For Flipkart registration

For make your products enlisted in Flipkart registration, you have to register in it. The seller must have VAT ID, PAN card and Bank account for getting registered on the seller portal. Now go to the seller portal and sign up there. Click on the given below link for registration in Flipkart

  1. Now fill your name and e-mail address. Click to continue.
  2. Now, there will be verification details
  3. Enter all the seller information

Once get yourself registered in the seller portal of

flipkart, you can start selling your products and earning

lucrative commission.

  • Amazon

For all those sellers, who want to sell their products in

Amazon, need to register first.

  1. Open the seller portal of Amazon
  2. Now, you need to decide, whether you would like to register as a professional or individual.
  3. Click Get Started for the chosen option
  4. On the next page, you need to enter email id or a valid mobile number. For those having already an account in Amazon, click ‘Use an existing account’. Logon to your account by typing your password. Click continue.
  5. Your seller account is created and now you can start selling your products.


  • Snapdeal

Snapdeal is the third largest and one of the most popular online shopping portals of India. For registration as a seller, you need to follow the given below steps:

  1. Visit the page
  2. Start registering yourself as seller of new good or old goods. Snapdeal has the option for selling 2nd hand goods.
  3. Once you fill up the form, just click Join Now
  4. Now, they will ask you the products you would like to sell on Snapdeal.
  5. A confirmation mail will follow after successful registration. Now, you can list your items here.


Why go for Third Party e-Store rather than having your own Store : Advantage of Selling Products Online


Selling your product online has lots of advantage. A few of them are listed below:

  • Free Product Listing

Sellers can enlist their products for free on most of online

shopping portals or e-commerce sites. They can avail huge benefits with the advance customer tools and online stores of online shopping portals.

  • Secure Payments

Secure and timely payments lead to instant revenue generation as soon as the product is delivered to the customer.

  • Magnificent Expansion of Customer Base

With registration to these online shopping portals, sellers will be able to spread the customer base across the country. Their products would be able to get exposure all over India. These online

ecommerce sites have already huge number of customers. Thus, there is no need to build a new customer base by the sellers. List your products at low cost and enjoy the benefits of

already formed customer base.

Why Snapdeal, Flipkart Amazon or Shopclues ?

According to Alexa, Flipkart, Amazon and Shopclues are the topmost

e-commerce sites in India. Both these online shopping portals are applying some of the innovative marketing techniques that will be immensely beneficial for small sellers as well as those who have started just now.

According to Q1 2015, Flipkart and Amazon have entered the league of seven top


companies with the earning of billion dollar valuation. Given below are a few major reasons which make both of them immensely profitable for the sellers:

  • Unmatched Logistics

For small sellers or the

start ups

, fulfilment service model is essential for a developing growth rate.  Most of the online shopping portals offer a brilliant platform to the sellers which leads to the formation of brilliant impression over the customers.

Amazon has FBA alias Fulfilment by Amazon makes the seller gets

connection with the outstanding fulfilment services of this brand. With superb FBA services, sellers are able to save lots of time and ensure product delivery on time. It also covers some key factors like picking, packing, shipping and inventory storage.



Seller Protection Program, where sellers get assistance as well as refunds from frauds or returns. With Amazon Return Policy, within 30 days, sellers can expect refunding.

On the other hand, Flipkart has Flipkart Advantage for its sellers. It is also a kind of fulfilment service. This service enables the sellers to prove their credibility with

30 day return policy along with same day or next day delivery option.

  • Seller Protection

Sometimes, sellers have to have some tough challenges like fraudulent customers or safe returns. For the safety and security of small sellers, Flipkart offers Seller Protection Fund. According to this fund, sellers can claim when they have no fault like return or product damage during transit. In

case of loss of order by the courier partner of Flipkart, sellers are

entitled for claim. Sellers can claim through the Seller Dashboard.

More Excitement On-board for Small Sellers or Small Business Ideas

To offer complete assistance and ensure success to all the small sellers, Flipkart has introduced a Flipkart One Stop (F-1 Stop) program. According to this program, sellers will be offered complete support. This program service will


in the ten major cities of India. Sellers would be provided with unmatched support in varied sectors like registration, training, packaging, cataloguing, and financial aid.

To make the online selling experience smooth, enjoyable and profitable for the small sellers, Order hive has collaborated with F-1 stop program. For the online growth of small sellers, a partnership with Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts and Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association has been made. This would open several doors for the online growth of small sellers along with arranging workshops.

On the other hand, Inc has offered business loan program in India along with seven more countries. This business program has been launched for offering assistance to small sellers for their growth and prosperity. Moreover, this is mainly to encourage more and more offline sellers to be online by offering them assistance in credit as well as gaining prominence in the market.

For the small sellers with tight budget, Amazon and Flipkart will certainly prove to be a great support. Survival in online market place is undoubtedly toughest as there are lots of challenges sellers have to face like offering discounts, price and logistics. But, the two biggies have made their survival along with success feasible and have a proven track record where small sellers are generating huge revenue consistently.

undoubtedly toughest as there are lots of challenges sellers have to face like offering discounts, price and logistics. But, the two biggies have made their survival along with success feasible and have a proven track record where small sellers are generating huge revenue consistently.

Important Points : Must Do for Sellers

For all the sellers out there, who aspires to make big with online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. must follow a few major things.

  • The first and foremost thing to follow is that the seller must have an unique product line and it should have a competitive rate.
  • The product catalogue to be presented must have a fabulous quality. Seller must have to create a professional catalogue for your product line. To make it more appealing, you need to weave a story around it. The presentation of your product must be of superb quality. It would be advisable to hire a professional photographer for clicking images. You can enjoy some great sales by the end of day if you have a well planned and managed product photo shoot, content and upload.
  • Your product content plays major role in its sale. Thus, you must ensure a good quality content which is unique and having relevant keywords.
  • Customers are most important for the success of any business, whether to retain old ones or create new ones. For a huge customer base, the quality of the product must be unmatched along with brilliant service.

Reviewing of Online Marketplace

The age of eCommerce has made every product available online with easy delivery and secure payment. More and more sellers are vying for these online stores to grab bigger territory for their product. Besides online marketplace, sellers have another option of opening an independent online store for their products. Independent online store is like an independent store various online marketplace is like


mall. In an independent online store, you have to manage all alone at your own expense. On the contrary, online market place 

has a huge customer base, where selling product is much easier and safer. Although profit margin will be lower in online market place as

compare to an independent online store.

Seller Support in India

Coming to ……………..

Practical Challenges One Facing While Selling on Flipkart or selling on  Snapdeal or may be selling on Amazon and Paytm

According to experts, Flipkart and Amazon have easier to understand panel, whereas all their operations are automated. Paytm and Snapdeal are considered bit complex.

How Things Work

The entire process of online shopping seems simple and easy. The process begins with the order being placed by the buyer in one town and made payment by credit card or any other mode of payment. In

case of credit card payment, the online retail website like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal will receive the payment of buyer. Now, this order will be preceded to the wholesaler and he will inform the distributor for the collection as well as delivery of the item to the buyer. The whole process seems well managed and simple. It seems that everything is managed online by sitting in your air-conditioned office.

Challenges Faced by Seller : Lessons I Learned From Selling on Amazon, Flipkart And Snapdeal

Although, the concept of online marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal is profitable for the potential sellers, but there are a few challenges which are being faced by sellers. By enhancing the expanded presentation of products, the store managers of these e-commerce sites keep displaying them without fulfilling the requirement of expanded stock. This might lead to losing the potential customer.

As a seller, you must be aware that marketplace is the second place. Thus, you need to comprehend your stock and avoid heaps. There are few applications available in the market which assists in summing up all the requests from varied sources. This will lead to complete inventory verification and sync with all your stores.

E-Commerce is rightly considered as a tricky business and in the recent  years

it has grabbed the whole market. This leads to hard time

for the sellers who are working offline and can’t ignore this online industry. For customers, goods being delivered at their doorsteps with free shipping and easy return policies are certainly a dream which has been made true by online retail giants.

Consumers are showered with comfort, ease and security of buying an online product. On the other hand, sellers are actually some tough challenges to keep up with the pace of e-commerce. Sometimes things get worsen when buyers opt for COD or cash on delivery which adds up more tension and frustration.

Some of the commonly faced challenges by the sellers are returning of used or damaged product by the buyer, paying for returns, cash flow issues and many more. Irrespective of all these issues, selling products online has become essential to lead the game.

Here are some common challenges which sellers faced:

  • Inventory Update in Old Fashioned Manner

A recent survey has reported that for inventory monitoring still most of sellers

maintain excel sheet without any automation. The concept has been initiated by the entrepreneurs who born before the advent of computer education in India and followed religiously by their successors. Those who consider them advance have transformed the

book keeping format of inventory into excel sheet.

In today’s tech savvy

world, where you have to maintain your pace with the ever growing e-commerce industry, you need to have robust inventory management and inventory sync. With appropriate inventory management automation, you would be to sync inventory all over the multiple channels to avoid any kind confusion regarding the availability of goods.

  • Administrative Problems

If you are selling your product across multiple marketplaces then get ready to face regular challenges, as each one of them has its own kind of invoice generation. By the end of the month, sellers often get frustrated with so much of differentiation in revenue collection. The sellers have to browse the varied kind of invoices and have to

arrive to a combined figure.

Besides invoice issues, sellers need to fulfil varied requirements while listing with multiple channels. Some of the leading online

market places like Amazon and Flipkart are offering

training to their respective sellers to make things easier for them.

Cost compromise is another major concern for most of the sellers. As there is huge competition

on marketplaces, sellers need to lower their product price to stay ahead from their competitors. To stay in the competition, a close monitoring as well as

update of price is mandatory. Thus,

requirement of an automated tool which performs all the monitoring and

update for the seller is actually the need of the hour.

Order management is another major challenge which sellers are often facing in e-commerce. Suppose, you are selling your product on

different marketplace which stands for varied order format, address layout and pick up


. Isn’t it sound terrifying?

  • Taxation and Payment

The dynamics of e-commerce taxation principles are not clearly understood by the Chartered Accountants of India, which leads to huge problems to file returns.

There is a payment settlement period for most of the leading online marketplaces in India. It usually ranges from 8 to 30 days. Flipkart settles the payment in approximately 15 days, whereas Amazon 10 days and Shopclues 30 days.

  • Price War

For the motivation of sellers, there must be


in sales. At the same time, marketplaces keep on increasing the number of sellers. Once a product is bought which has three more sellers this leads to the commencement of price war. The marketplace will make the seller

to reduce

the cost and make the competition stiff. On the other hand, if you compromise with the quality of the product, the customer will never come back.

Bad Images

Product photography is an essential factor in the sale of the product. To increase registration for FBA, the seller team of FBA are providing free training. A clear visual context is a must prior to a photo shoot. Thus, it would be advisable to take a professional assistance for a perfect picture.

Bad Reviews

Unethical acts lead to the suspension of various seller accounts at the online marketplaces. With the availability of


tools, differentiating between genuine and fake reviews is quite easy. Competitors often post fake bad reviews regarding the product of another seller. Such kind of wrong activities


easily identified which may lead to the ban of account. Sometimes, even innocent sellers get affected with it.

The panel of amazon is regarded best amongst all, but they block the

account, if the buyer is fraud. E-bay has a good panel, but seller protection is very poor. Flipkart is renowned for its ultimate customer service with best and automated solutions. Snapdeal has a bad support system as compare to others.

Order Quantity

For sellers on leading marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, it would be profitable to ship more products. This will lead to low shipping cost. However, the actual scenario is bit different, as most of the sellers are unable to attain good quantity of the order. For those who have just started have to face such challenges often as they are new and not well equipped with techniques and methods.

In case the quantity of the order is quite low then the seller has to pay higher shipping price per unit. Usually, a tie is form between the seller and the courier company. There might be delay

in shipment and delivery of the product,

if the order quantity given to the courier company is insufficient.

Return and Damage Issues

Most of the policies of online marketplaces are in favour of buyers. The return period of the buyers is 30 days and they often return used products. Sometimes products are damaged and still sellers have to pay the commission. There is a policy of damage claim for the sellers, but the entire process is long and frustrating.


also has to pay for the return charges. Return of damaged or used item is not much

frequent, but returned items with damaged packing often happens. The major problem is that it is difficult to be resold if the label graphics is damaged.

India is a land of diversity, where every kind of people lives. From sincere to fraud, you can experience every kind of person here. Where some are making the country proud with their outstanding deeds, others are defaming the name with their fraudulent ways like fake addresses, false orders and harassing with COD feature.

In one of the major states of India, Amazon and Flipkart are not delivering products above 10K, as they have some bad experience. Other major problems the companies have to face with COD feature are logistic cost and cash flow problem.

how to sell on flipkart, selling on flipkart

how to sell on flipkart, selling on flipkart


In the year 2009, the E-commerce market in India was worth $3.8 Billion and as per

studies the online retail will cross $80 Billion mark in 2016 which will be whopping. With approximately 10 million online shoppers, it is here to stay. The competition for online sellers has certainly become tough and to be in the race they need to be well equipped with latest which will be whopping. With approximately 10 million online shoppers, it is here to stay. The competition for online sellers has certainly become tough and to be in the race they need to be well equipped with latest tools.

So, if you are planning to be the part of this consistently growing industry or looking to sell on Flipkart or sell on Snapdeal than you need to be fully equipped with all the latest tools along with thorough market analysis.You just have to take Flipkart registration or open Snapdeal seller account an you can start selling or flipkart or Selling on Snapdeal or any other e-commerce market place.

If you are looking for any advice or Suggestion on How to Start selling on E -commerce store in India then you may CALL US or Contact our Support.

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    • Nick
    • April 26, 2016

    Hi, Thanks for the information.

    You mentioned in the post about Flipkart One Stop (F1 Stop) program. Wanted to check if under this program, Flipkart provides support for Registration of business, applying for TIN/VAT No. etc. – basically the things to be completed before registering with them. If no, can you pls. direct me as to how these things need to be handled (any website links, through agents etc.) and the approximate cost for these steps. Thanks

    • Aman
    • March 30, 2016

    Thanks for the information.
    I have some questions,
    1) Do the seller have to pay for the logistics?
    2) Is there any percentage share(from sold product) which i have to give to the marketplace(Flipkart, Amazon etc)?

      • WI - FI LIFE
      • March 30, 2016

      Hi Aman, Yes seller has to pay for logistics and has to add in their total cost of selling products.

      The process is – It is the seller’s responsibility to pack the order and keep it ready for the courier representatives, who collect it from the seller.

      Basically, two types of cost are there, one is Shiping which is around Rs 35 to 40 per 0.5 Kg/dimension and the other is packaging which again depends on the products dimension .

      With reference to Selling commission, the charges are different for different selling platforms/products and it varies from 4% to 20% for every successful sale through them.

    • Raki
    • February 23, 2016

    Hi , Excellent piece of Content. You gave me an idea on How to Start selling in Flipkart and Shopclues which I am planning to start next month. I have one question – What is required to sell products on Flipkart and Shopclues ?

      • WI - FI LIFE
      • February 23, 2016

      You’re welcome Raki and good luck with your new business.

      With reference to your question, Following are the things which you require.

      1) Before Registration: A Business identity, Pan no, VAT no, Bank account and Products to sell.

      2) Than you have to register your business with Amazon or Flipkart seller support or e-store in which you want to sell.

      3) Every company has seller support system, try to contact them and understand various policies of company, apart from that also check their commissions, packaging and Shipping charges.

      4) Start uploading professional images of products in seller panel or contact seller support for bulk upload.

      5) Add a description and bullet points in Seller panel, don’t forget to add keywords while uploading your products. Keywords increases product visibility.

      6) Start selling you product.

      7) Finally I can only say that it takes some time to generate good volume of sales because of competition and other factor.

      Hope you get answer of your question. So keep me posted on your results and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


    • WI - FI LIFE
    • February 23, 2016

    Glad you enjoy reading my posts Suresh.

    If there’s anything specific I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  86. Reply

    Hi , Thanks for a very detailed information on Selling in Flipkart and other store, this is exactly what I am looking for.

    I wanted to start selling books and toys in Flipkart and Amazon, but I was confused on How to start and what are the challenges that I will face while selling. Now after reading this complete articles my lot of doubts are clear , Thanks again.


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