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  • July 22, 2016
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Make your business reach sky-high with social media marketing strategies! You must have to plan some strategies to make the social media marketing technique highly effective and impressive. The magic of social media has sprawled all across the globe and has become one of the major requisites for any of the businesses. It plays highly impressive role in engaging clients, prospects, staff members etc. Interestingly, social media marketing has been utilised by almost 88% of the renowned brands. It has become mandatory to make the presence of your business felt on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. A well planned and effective Social Media strategy will do wonders as your brand will gain immense exposure and broadcast the required message. Here are some key tips which will do wonders for your business:


  • Set Goals

The usage of social media is mainly for brand recognition, earning loyalty of customers, improving sales and influencing the SEO. Now, it is high time to transform your objective into reality. If you are planning to influence your SEO with social media then you need to follow a few major steps.

Firstly, you need to train your social media manager ways for optimizing social media. Secondly, the social media posts must have the major keywords. Lastly, you need to create incentives for audience for liking, sharing and commenting.

  • Audience

If you want to understand the tactics of market then you must perform a thorough research of your target audience. Usually, marketers are aware about their customers and prospects. Moreover, you must know the context of the respective platform which you are opting for your business. For instance, Facebook has different set of consumers as compare to Linked In. You must know that your potential buyer uses which platform.

  • Competitors

To grab the market, it is mandatory to understand your competitors thoroughly. While planning your social media strategy, it is very important to analyse your competitor fully. To make this research bit easier, there are varied range of tools available. For instance, SimplyMeasured’s paid reports or a paid trial of SocialBakers. While analysing your competitors, you need to follow some of the major factors like followers, engagement, platform usage, keyword used, response time and visual content.

  • Relevant Topics

You must know the unique value proposition of your brand. Another major factor which needs to be covered is reasons for the buyers to opt you instead of your competitors. You need to select a few significant topics that describe your brand at fullest. You can define it content marketing and small business content marketing.

Once the significant topics related to your brand are addresses, now you need to go for content promotion, SEO and Keyword research, significant strategy for copywriting and social media.

  • Social Media Schedule

Most of us have common excuse of not doing social media appropriately is running short of time. Thus, it is very essential to make a schedule for social media. Your social media time table must have effective plans for social media updates of whole week. It would be advisable to check the industry experts and their works.

There are various online sites offering social media calendars along with downloadable calendar template. This will enable you to plan posts for all the platforms of social media respectively. A calendar template is a great way to plan your social media marketing strategy effectively like 5 tweets daily, six facebook posts and four updates on Linked In.


  • Content Recheck

After filling up your social media calendar, it would be advisable to recheck all the content which are about to get posted. As you marketing on social media platform, you need to recheck as audience won’t forgive mistakes. You must check yours posts, as whether they are not leaving any defamatory, racist or politically incorrect posts. There must not be any forced humour.

  • Auto Messages

It would be advisable to automate some of your tweets like good morning, birthday or Thank You. You can automate tweets with highly friendly scheduling tool which is known as Tweet Jukebox. The tool comprises of varied range of ready jukeboxes and tweets. All you need to do is to schedule those tweets. The jukebox library features wide range of messages like quotes, holiday wishes, music quotes, ,blogs and articles.

  • Effective Social Listening Tools

If you want to grab the top position then you must go for Social Media tool. With the aid of social media listening tools, you can hear what bloggers, influences or competitors are saying regarding the market or industry trends. Another significant tool which can do wonders for your social media marketing is Brandwatch. In real time, it will track the perception of your brand and performance of your campaign. The tool is quite effective in analysing tweets, facebook posts and blogs. For those who are looking for some free trial then go for This is another great tool in determining relevant content as well as ideas. Thus, it is quite helpful in fulfilling your Social media schedule faster.


  • Instant Response

If your business is functioning on social media then get set to receive complaints frequently. Customers can have complaints or inquire regarding the product. Thus, you need to reply to their queries at earliest to win their trust.

  • Analytics

If you are posting updates and tweeting regularly then do not consider yourself a winner. The posting or tweeting updates will be followed by thorough analysis. It would be advisable to go for some latest analytics tools. Most of the social platforms are well equipped with powerful analytics tools. These tools are great way to analyse the likes of your audience and demographics.

In today’s time, most of the brands irrespective of their sizes are opting for Social Media platform to make their presence felt. It would be advisable to revisit the social media site regularly. Moreover, you need to improve it regularly. There is another very popular tool which has been name as Sprout Social. The tool is quite beneficial in informing the user regarding some hard truths. You need to frequently revaluate on weekly basis.

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